Find the best school possible

Zept’s mission is to help your child get in to the best school possible.

Our website and apps recommend and introduce schools to your child. Your child puts in their grades, what they want to study and then we recommend schools to them one at a time. When your child favourites a school on Zept, we share your child’s profile with that school (the profile is name, grades, country of citizenship, current country, high school, and desired program contact information). We give that school the opportunity to recruit your child by messaging directly through the chat system in Zept.

Your child is in the driver’s seat on Zept. Your child chooses how their information is shared.

Your child can share their “shortlist” (the list of schools that they are interested in attending) on social media and with their guidance counselor. Your child can share their profile (name, grades, country of citizenship, current country, high school, and desired program) with their guidance counsellor and with recruiters from schools they are interested in.

Zept is careful to put barriers around sharing personally identifiable information and messaging with strangers.  We take privacy and security very seriously. Details of your child’s contact information, school transcripts, and precise location are never shared with anyone. You’re child’s password is encrypted, protecting it from the threat of hackers.

Your child may be invited to Zept by their school guidance counsellor. Your child does not have to accept this invitation. Your child’s Zept profile and shortlist is only shared with their guidance counsellor if your child grants their guidance counsellor permission.